This article is to address this need, Jimi IoT proposed a GPS and GPRS technology-based vehicle emergency alarm system – JC450 AI-Powered Camera System, which uses GPS for real-time video monitoring and location tracking of the vehicle, in case of emergency, (1) DMS camera can track the driver’s face to monitor their attention, and when needed, through the driver’s cab, the driver’s face can be tracked. and warns them via in-cab alarms when needed; (2) built-in gyroscope sensors to detect severe events such as hard braking, speeding, sharp turns, collisions, etc.; and the JC450‘s built-in camera captures HD video of these important events and sends the data to the cloud for later viewing and driver guidance.

Optional Accesories for JC450

AHD USB camera CI-02

AHD USB camera CI-02

AHD DMS camera CD-02

IP67 Blindspot camera CE-01

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